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Once a year, on the anniversary of its foundation, the Cercle d'Oc organizes a prestigious reception to which regional personalities and friends of the Cercle d'Oc are invited to witness the awarding of the Cercle d'Oc prize to the personality who has proved to have upheld the aims of the Cercle d'Oc during the past year.

Since 1994, the Cercle d'Oc prize has been awarded to the following personalities:

  • 2009 : Professeur Alain COSTES,
  • 2008 : Professeur Jean TIROLE,
  • 2007, Professeur Louis LARENG,
    Professor of anaesthesiology and intensive care, Founding chairman of SAMU France (French emergency rescue), Chairman of the public interest group of Telemedecine network for the Midi-Pyrénées region, Chairman of the European society of telemedecine.
  • 2006, M. Alain CHATILLON,
    Chairman of the supervisory board for nutrition and health, Chairman of the competitive cluster Agrimip Innovation.
  • 2005, M. François JUNCA,
    Chairman of the supervisory board of Latécoère Aviation Industry, which has its head office in Toulouse.
  • 2004, M. Pierre FABRE,
    Chairman of Pierre Fabre laboratories.
  • 2003, M. Michel PLASSON,
    Music director of the Capitole national orchestra of Toulouse.
  • 2002, Mme Claudie HAIGNERE,
    Astronaut and French minister of Culture.
  • 2001, M. Louis PECH and M. Pierre CAMELS,
    Respectively Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Actielec Technologies Group.
  • 2000, M. Noël FORGEARD,
    CEO of Airbus Integrated Company.
  • 1999, Mme Sylvie VAUCLAIR,
    Astrophysicist, PhD in Physical Science, Researcher at the Midi-Pyrénées observatory, Professor at University Paul Sabatier since 1981.
  • 1998, MM. Serge GUIRAO, Vicente PRADAL, Ruben VELASQUEZ,
    for their production of "La Nuit Obscure" (The Dark Night), which also won the 50th Record Grand Prize of the Charles Cros Academy in 1997.
  • 1997, M. Georges COLSON,
    CEO of Voyages Fram (Fram Travels)
  • 1996, M. René BOUSCATEL,
    Chairman of the Stade Toulousain rugby team
  • 1995, M. Max COMMENCAL,
    CEO of Sun Chipie
  • 1994, M. Alain-Dominique PERRIN,
    PCEO of Cartier International